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Come Holy Spirit Prayer

I searched the Catechism of the Catholic Church for references to the Holy Spirit. In section 2670-2672, it mentions this prayer which is formed from a combination of The Roman Missal, Pentecost Sequence, and Byzantine Liturgy, Pentecost Vespers, Troparion. Come Holy Spirit, renew within me the grace of my Baptism and lead me each and […]

St Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit

I first heard this prayer as I sat in a classroom in Drimnagh Castle Catholic School on the outskirts of Dublin Ireland. The Christian brother who recited the prayer went on to inform us, in no uncertain terms,  “that we should NOT ask God for things because God already knows what we need.”   Recently, […]

4 of 5 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

-author unknown These older prayers are quaint in their use of language while empowering the laity to find God in ways usually reserved for his apostles, popes, priests, sisters, and brothers.  So the first time I read this prayer of glory, I physically shuck with the power of the Holy Spirit.   I realized instantly […]

2 of 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit Series

Collecting old prayer books I love to collect old books, especially rare prayer books because they are a treasure trove of lost words to God. If you have a prayer book handed down from generation to generation, consider yourself blessed. Some of the prayers found in these books may have been recited thousands of times […]

Spirit of Truth Show Me The Way

I felt inspired to write this small prayer after reading a section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on  Part two, Chapter three, article eight, line 116. Right after it mentions  “Jesus promises the coming of the Holy Spirit.” and “He might immediately give the Holy Spirit by “breathing” on his disciples? Oh Holy Spirit, Spirit […]

Novena to Our Lady of Medjugorje

I found this amazing novena on the university of Dayton website. they have a section on their site called “all about Mary” filled with inspiring articles and prayers such as these. Thank you for sharing.. “Devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje has sprung up almost immediately after the revelation to the visionaries in 1981. […]


HEALING NOVENA FOR THE INTERCESSION OF ST. JOHN PAUL II I found this beautiful Novena on the website website for the St. John Paul II Society directed by Fr. Gabriel Gillen. I would like to personally thank everyone there. Consider donating to them. Opening Prayer each day: Merciful God, I pray with thanks and gratitude […]

The Indwelling Of the Holy Spirit

This is the second time I am using a prayer to the Holy Spirit from Saint Augustine (shown in a painting by Philippe de Champaigne). A person who influenced Christianity in a profound way through is writing, miracles and deeds. This prayer survived almost 1600 years and continues to be read by Christians all over […]

Saint Pio’s Blessing

Padre Pio from in Pietrelcina, southern Italy, also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. He died in 1968 when I was six. Padre Pio became famous for presenting stigmata for most of his life, thereby generating much interest in the Catholic community. He was both beatified (1999) and canonized (2002) by Pope John Paul II. “Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. […]

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