Angel of God My Guardian
Angel of God

Angel of God” prayer is a love poem from God. I start my series on Angels, with the most iconic and quite frankly the 1st prayer most children are thought by their parents or school.

As a Roman Catholic traditional prayer, it is mostly prayed for as intercession of the guardian angels. I was taught this prayer as a child, in fact, I think it was the first prayer I learned. I specifically remember the Catholic Sisters teaching this prayer as we colored in drawings of angels.

To me, it’s a reminder of God’s love by showing children that the guardian angels are there to support children in a loving way. It has become a staple of Catholic culture and continues to be passed on to my children and grandchildren.

For decades the church believed that St. Anselm of Canterbury, was the author of the prayer. He was a Benedictine monk who lived sometime in the 11th century.

However, researchers have discovered a similar prayer by Reginald of Canterbury, also a Benedictine monk who lived at the same time as St. Anselm.

I like to believe that it was a joint effort by the pair of monks, and either way it is an amazing prayer.


Angel of God, My guardian Dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here,

Ever this “day” (or “night” if you say it at bedtime),

Be at my Side,

To light and guard,

To rule and guide,



Ángele Dei, qui custos es mei,
me tibi commissum pietáte supérna,
hodie illúmina, custódi, rege et gubérna.

Angel of God My Guardian

One thought on “Angel of God My Guardian

  1. I need my angels to guide me throught this life of problems but I wished that i was a angel of GOD please help me.

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