Angel of God My Guardian

“Angel of God” prayer is a love poem from God. I start my series on Angels, with the most iconic and quite frankly the 1st prayer most children are thought by their parents or school. As a Roman Catholic traditional prayer, it is mostly prayed for as intercession of the guardian angels. I was taught this prayer as a child, […]

Sweet Guest of My Soul

I found this exquisite little prayer in a book called the Raccolta from 1866. Raccolta, which means “collection” in Italian, is a book of prayers sanctioned by the Catholic Church back in 1807. Abbreviated from “Collection of Prayers and good works for which the Supreme Pontiffs have granted Holy indulgences.”  I would like to thank […]

Light of Every Human Heart

The hymn Veni Sancte Spiritus sometimes called the “Golden Sequence,” is sung mostly at Pentecost.  It is a wonderful tribute to the Holy Spirit and is believed to have been written by the archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton, sometime in the 13th century. Light of Every Human Heart Come, O Holy Spirit, come!  From your bright […]

Light immortal, Light divine

Another lovely hymn/poem by an unknown but obviously talented author. What I love is how clear the view of how the Holy Spirit is there for the asking, “Guide the steps that go astray.”   From Catholic Hymns by Henry Formby, 1853 now public domain Light immortal, Light divine Holy Spirit, Lord of light, From Thy […]

Come Holy Spirit Prayer

I searched the Catechism of the Catholic Church for references to the Holy Spirit. In section 2670-2672, it mentions this prayer which is formed from a combination of The Roman Missal, Pentecost Sequence, and Byzantine Liturgy, Pentecost Vespers, Troparion. Come Holy Spirit, renew within me the grace of my Baptism and lead me each and […]

St Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit

I first heard this prayer as I sat in a classroom in Drimnagh Castle Catholic School on the outskirts of Dublin Ireland. The Christian brother who recited the prayer went on to inform us, in no uncertain terms,  “that we should NOT ask God for things because God already knows what we need.”   Recently, […]

4 of 5 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

-author unknown These older prayers are quaint in their use of language while empowering the laity to find God in ways usually reserved for his apostles, popes, priests, sisters, and brothers.  So the first time I read this prayer of glory, I physically shuck with the power of the Holy Spirit.   I realized instantly […]

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