Prayer to Saint Thomas Moore
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Saint Thomas More: knight, Lord Chancellor of England, author and martyr. Was born in London, 7 February 1477-78 and executed at Tower Hill, 6 July 1535.

I love St Thomas Moore because he is my Confirmation saint and when I grew up in Ireland I lived on Thomas More Road in Dublin.

He was a man of enormous personal integrity. He believed in happiness in life and laugh out loud humor. Like my father, he wrestled in his youth, could tell a joke at a moment’s notice and truly enjoyed the people around him.

I hope you enjoy my tribute to his life and find joy in the prayer below.

Saint Thomas More, uncharacteristically frowning

A Prayer of Joy and Happiness.

“Thomas More help me find happiness in all that I do.
Guide me towards a light-hearted approach to my life,
and show me humor in darkness and strife.

In unhappy times, show me the path to joy,
in unsuccessful times, show me the way to success,
and show me how to find love, when I feel unloved or depressed.

Show me how to happily awake and be at one with the lord,
allow me to find joy throughout the day with the Holy Spirit in my heart,
and fall asleep with a light heart and my Guardian Angel protecting me till morning.

In the name of God the Father, his amazing son Jesus and the Holy Spirit I ask you Saint Thomas More, to help me find happiness in the Blesed Trinity and Mother Mary.”

-Kevin B Leigh 2.2020

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Prayer to Saint Thomas Moore

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