Mother Mary

Prayers To Mother Mary

Novena to Our Lady of Medjugorje

I found this amazing novena on the university of Dayton website. they have a section on their site called “all about Mary” filled with inspiring articles and prayers such as these. Thank you for sharing.. “Devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje has sprung up almost immediately after the revelation to the visionaries in 1981. […]

Sacred Trinity with Mary

Again, I am just a non-ordained ordinary member of the church, so the following observations are my own conclusions while researching the prayers for this book.  There is a common thread that runs through Christian writing. Sort of a common denominator of the best writers that I have access to. It goes something like this: […]

The All-Pure Virgin Mary

This prayer is inspired by a post from the Coptic Orthodox Christian – Orthodox Network Communities Worldwide @corthodox on twitter. Because of their post below. It is a lovely prayer celebrating the pure spirit of the Mother of Jesus. Thank you for the inspiration. Our Lady, the all pure, Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of […]

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