The All-Pure Virgin Mary
oil painting of the virgin mary

This prayer is inspired by a post from the Coptic Orthodox Christian – Orthodox Network Communities Worldwide @corthodox on twitter. Because of their post below. It is a lovely prayer celebrating the pure spirit of the Mother of Jesus.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Our Lady, the all pure, Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of God, departed. As she was always praying in the holy sepulchre (sepulcher), the Holy Spirit informed her that she was about to depart from the temporal world. When the time of her departure arrived, the virgins of the Mount of Olives came to her, with the apostles, who were still alive, and they surrounder her bed. The Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom is the glory with a host of thousands and thousands of angels came to her and comforted her and told her about the eternal joy that was prepared for her, and she rejoyced. The apostles and the virgins asked her to bless them.

She stretched her hand and blessed them all, and she gave up her pure spirit in the hand of her Son and God. and He took her spirit to the heavenly mansions.

Coptic Orthadox
The All-Pure Virgin Mary

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