The Power of these Gifts

I was unable to find the author of this inspirational prayer but again, it jumped off the page as if it had a life of its own. “Pick me, Pick me.” 

So this week’s prayer is the power of these gifts, if you know the author, please tweet me at @prayer_to

Power of These Gifts

Lord, you have enriched me with the strength of your word. 

You have opened my mind and heart to see the wonders you have created.

You have blessed me with the gift of communication to share your divine message.

Holy Spirit, help me to understand the power of these gifts, and teach me to use them wisely.

Bless all who use their talents to communicate the Gospel. 

Guide those who work in the field of communications to use their power for the good of your people. 

This I ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

Author unknown
Sample from the Audio Book, “Prayers to the Holy Spirit”
The Power of these Gifts

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