Look Inside My Heart
From the Audio Book

We, humans, are under attack every day. From fatigue, depression, financial struggles, and marital problems just to name a few. Pharmaceutical companies want you to turn to them for the cure. Alcohol companies want you to find freedom with their new sugary booze. Social media and app companies what you to subscribe to their new program or method of escape. 

But in my heart, I believe you just have to look inside and find the Holy Spirit. Your answers are there.

“I questioned the scholars and philosophers but He was beyond their understanding. I then looked into my heart and it was there where He dwelled that I saw Him. He was nowhere else to be found.”

– Rumi (1270) Persian scholar. ]

I think the point Rumi is making is that you only have to look inside to find the Holy Spirit. I wrote this little prayer to help remind myself of this fact

Look inside My Heart by Kevin B. Leigh

O Holy Spirit, I come before you, a lost soul. 

My mishaps, mistakes, struggles and heartaches have weakened me and my issues have left my spirit in a shambles. I am but a human bearing the burden of my family.

O Holy Spirit, I come before you, in need.

I ask not for new strength, but renewed strength. I ask only for the ability to lift myself up using the gifts God has already given me. Come into my mind and show me how to find the will to see the beauty of the world through my trials. 

O Holy Spirit, I come before you, forsaken.

When I feel forsaken give me the wisdom to find the love in the world and in my family. 

When I feel down, remind me that I am not abandoned that I just have to ask for the way.

When I feel lost, show me the path of enlightenment in your grace.

O Holy Spirit, I come before you, humble.

I know I cannot do it alone. 

Holy Spirit I ask that You direct my steps as you would with a child. 

Holy Spirit I ask that You lead me to hope as you would with a lost soul.

Holy Spirit I pray that you guide me to fulfillment so I can stand up tall with your strength, straight with your guidance and powerful with your grace so I can be holy. 


Look Inside My Heart

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