Sacred Trinity with Mary
Virgin Mary

Again, I am just a non-ordained ordinary member of the church, so the following observations are my own conclusions while researching the prayers for this book. 

There is a common thread that runs through Christian writing. Sort of a common denominator of the best writers that I have access to. It goes something like this:

Through Jesus, we have access to the Holy Spirit through the Father.

Through the Holy Spirit, we have access to the Father through his Son Jesus.

Through the Father, we have access to Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit

Through Mary, we have access to her Son Jesus, and His Father, and the Holy Spirit.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, brings the whole combination together in my mind. She was there with Jesus through his trials and tribulations, praying alongside him. I believe She is with us right now, praying alongside us, praying along with me.

The proof is the thousands of sightings, from Medjugorje Croatia to Knock Ireland, from Lezajsk Poland to Fátima Portugal or Lourdes France. So many times has she prayed alongside us that National Geographic created a wonderful world map depicting the thousands of locations just in the past 500 years. For a link, go to then click to “Free Stuff”

So I started to understand what most of you probably already know,  I just need to include Mother Mary in my prayers and I will have the ear of God. 

Praying to and with the entire combination is important for me. That is why I created this prayer to try to bring my beliefs together into a reasonable few lines. I hope you like it.

Sacred Trinity with Mary

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the HolySpirit, I ask MotherMary to bless my prayers so that through them I may be heard by the Sacred Trinity.

Jesus, please forgive my sins and call upon the Holy Spirit and Your Father in heaven to help me not sin again. 

Holy Spirit, teach me how to connect with God the Father and His Son Jesus so that I, your unfortunate sinner, may receive the lessons of the Gospel and be saved. 

Heavenly Father, show me the way to your Son Jesus, that He may ask the Holy Spirit to breathe onto me that I may be saved.

I ask this in the name of the Sacred Trinity, Mother Mary, the apostles, saints and the holy in my church. May my soul be saved,  may my mind be cleansed and may my heart be filled with the Spirit of God.


Sacred Trinity with Mary

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