Holy Spirit, Wake Up My Senses
Excerpt from the audiobook “Prayers to the Holy Spirit”

At one time in my life, I felt like I was just eeking along. Sure I said my prayers and even a rosary every so often, but I could not feel the Holy Spirit take hold of me or know he was there guiding me. I felt lost. 

The power from the Holy Spirit can be elusive. Sort of a mystical rite of passage that we struggle to feel. I believe that faith has a huge part to play in our ability to welcome the Holy Spirit. 

But then I read an article by of all people, Napoleon Hill, the 1930’s business self-help author who inspired millions of businesspeople towards success. He suggested, and I’m paraphrasing, that we already have the abilities we need. They were given to us at birth. Given to us by God.

Maybe I didn’t need to ask the Holy Spirit to come into my heart, maybe He was already there? The faith in God and myself are already present. 

I just needed the faith to believe that I already had God in me. 

The term “Light bulb going on” truly applied here. I quite literally felt the light turn on the moment I started to believe in myself, believe that God was already in me. (Chanting of angels singing in the background.)

I found the inspiration to create this prayer so that I remember the Holy Spirit is close.

Holy Spirit, Wake Up My Senses.

With your Devine mercy and forgiveness, I pray,

Oh God, help me feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. In the very air I breathe, in the swaying of the trees and breath in my lungs.

Oh God, help me sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in my virtues, in my ability to forgive and the strength within me. 

Oh God, help me hear the presence of the Holy Spirit in the words of the Gospel, the Homilies at Mass and the Catechism of the Church. 


Holy Spirit, Wake Up My Senses

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