Come O Holy Spirit Prayer
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This tribute to the Holy Spirit is believed to have been written by Robert II, King of France, known as called the Pious, (the wise)

Robert was born in the late 900’s, a devout catholic, poet and hymn-writer and helped found a Benedictine monastery located in Noyers. 

When I read this troubled and violent history of this man I almost deleted the prayer from the book but for some reason (I suspect that Holy Spirit wanted it) I have kept it intact. Let me know what you think.


Come, O Holy Spirit! Lord of light! 
From Your clear celestial height 
Your pure beaming radiance give: 

Come, You Father of the poor! 
Come, with treasures which endure! 
Come, You Light of all that live! 

You, of all consolers best,
Visiting the troubled breast, 
Post refreshing peace bestow; 

You in toil are comfort sweet 
Pleasant coolness in the heat; 
Solace in the midst of woe. 

Light immortal! Light Divine 
Visit You these hearts of Yours, 
And our inmost being fill: 

If You take Your grace away, 
Nothing pure will in man will stay; 
All his good is turned to ill. 

Heal our wounds – our strength renew; 
On our dryness pour Your dew; 
Wash the stains of guilt away: 

Bend the stubborn heart and will; 
Melt the frozen, warm the chill; 
Guide the steps that go astray. 

You, on those who evermore 
You confess and You adore, 
In Your sevenfold gifts, descend: 

Give them comfort when they die; 
Give them life with You on high; 
Give them joys which never end.

Come O Holy Spirit Prayer

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