5 of 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Even though this is an old prayer it is very relevant for our time of technology and digital social connectivity, distracting us from the importance of God. 

May we all remember to turn off the gadgets and learn to focus on the Blessed Trinity.

From the Audiobook

Holy Ghost, Show Us How to Turn Towards God

O most brilliant Holy Ghost who on the holy day of Pentecost did so richly penetrate through and through the hearts of the apostles with heavenly sweetness that from that time no earthly joy or no human consolation could turn them away from Almighty God.

I pray Thee, that you would also fill my heart with heavenly sweetness that it may never more take pleasure in earthly joys and delights. 


From My Key To Heaven (c) 1942

5 of 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

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