Spirit of Truth Show Me The Way

I felt inspired to write this small prayer after reading a section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Vitican.va.  Part two, Chapter three, article eight, line 116. Right after it mentions  “Jesus promises the coming of the Holy Spirit.” and “He might immediately give the Holy Spirit by “breathing” on his disciples?

Excerpt from the Audio Book “Prayers to the Holy Spirit” available on Audible

Oh Holy Spirit, Spirit of truth, the one who is sent by the father in Jesus name, come to me and show me the way.

Oh Holy Spirit come so that I may know you, be with me for ever and remain within me.

Oh Holy Spirit teach me everything, remind me of all that Christ said to us so I can bear witness to Him.

Oh Holy Spirit, lead me to all truth and help me glorify Christ, so he can prove the world wrong about sin, righteousness, and judgment.


by Kevin Leigh
Spirit of Truth Show Me The Way

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