The Indwelling Of the Holy Spirit

This is the second time I am using a prayer to the Holy Spirit from Saint Augustine (shown in a painting by Philippe de Champaigne). A person who influenced Christianity in a profound way through is writing, miracles and deeds. This prayer survived almost 1600 years and continues to be read by Christians all over the world.

Sample from the Audio Book “Prayers to the Holy Spirit

The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, powerful Consoler, sacred Bond of the Father and the Son, Hope of the afflicted, descend into my heart and establish in it your loving dominion. 

Inspire in my tepid soul the fire of Your love so that I may be wholly subject to You. 

We believe that when you dwell in us, you also prepare a dwelling for the Father and the Son. 

Deign, therefore, to come to me, Consoler of abandoned souls, and Protector of the needy. Help the afflicted, strengthen the weak, and support the wavering. 

Come and purify me. Let no evil desire take possession of me. You love the humble and resist the proud. 

Come to me, glory of the living, and hope of the dying. Lead me by your grace that I may always be pleasing to you. 


The Indwelling Of the Holy Spirit

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