2 of 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit Series

Collecting old prayer books

I love to collect old books, especially rare prayer books because they are a treasure trove of lost words to God. If you have a prayer book handed down from generation to generation, consider yourself blessed. Some of the prayers found in these books may have been recited thousands of times by the books former owners.

This one is used to unite our hearts after a trial in our lives or during times of adversity. 

In my life, it has helped me in times of tears and brought forward times of joy. 

From My Keys to Heaven (c) 1941

Unite Me With God

Thou most benign Holy Ghost, who on the holy day of Pentecost didst melt the hearts of the apostles in the fire of Thy divine love so that their hearts flowed into the heart of God and were received in His Image; I beseech Thee, that by this same fire of love, my heart may be so entirely freed from all earthly thoughts that I may be converted to God and become entirely united with Him. 


2 of 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit Series

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