3 or 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

My aunt Josie, Lord rest her blessed soul was one of the holiest women I have ever known. 

When she passed away, I was given her prayerbook as a gift. It is one of my most cherished holy items. 

In it, I found over fifty Mass cards from the funerals she attended over the years, including my fathers. She prayed for the deceased every day, and I am eternally grateful to God for having her in my life. Together with my mom, she taught me how to pray.

Prayer three is a prayer of love, strength, and patience. It is one of my favorites of the seven in this series. Thanks again Paul for preserving your tiny book of prayers for over 70 years.

From the Audiobook.

Holy Ghost Strengthen Me, Through Thy Love

O Holy Ghost, most rich in who on the holy day of Pentecost did so inflame the hearts of the apostles that they, heretofore timid and weak and full of self-love. 

Became so strong and steadfast that they did not even fear to die but rather reckoned it a joy and honor to them, when they had to suffer shame and disgrace for God’s sake. 

I pray Thee, that Thou would strengthen me, through Thy love, against all evil, and make me steadfast in all good that I may not only patiently suffer all contradictions, but accept them joyfully. 


From My Keys to Heaven (c) 1941

3 or 7 Prayers to the Holy Spirit

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