Come Holy Spirit

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is like a conduit to God. When we ask the Holy Spirit to “Come In” we are asking for the blessings of the full Trinity. In my dad’s prayer at the beginning of this book, we ask for Him to “come into our hearts.” In the Novena to the Holy Spirit, we ask Him to “come into the minds…” I Pray that the Holy Spirit comes into you.

This next poem is an excerpt from a wonderful prayer by John Wilbur Chapman a late 19th-century preacher, poet and famous hymn writer.

Come in, come in, O Blessed Spirit, Thy work of great blessings begin; By faith I lay hold of Thy promise, And claim complete victory over sin.

O Spirit of God and of Jesus, Blessed Trinity, come and possess My body, my soul, and my spirit, And fill me with Thy holiness.

Excerpt from The Audio Book, “Prayers to the Holy Spirit” available on Audible
Come Holy Spirit

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