Prayer of Consecration

These prayers are believed to be written by Father Felix de Jesus Rougier a Catholic priest and founder of several institutes of consecrated life. Who was declared venerable by Pope John Paul II.

His last words when he died in 1938 were: 

“With Mary everything, without her, nothing.”

Sample from the Audio Book, Read by Douglas Wilkin

Daily Consecration to the Holy Spirit

O Most Holy Spirit, receive the consecration that I make of my entire life and being. 

From this moment on, come into every area of my life and into each of my actions and into all of my thoughts.

You are my Light, my Guide, my Strength, my Soul and my Heart. 

I give all of myself without reserve to your divine action, and I desire to welcome into my soul your Devine inspirations. 

O Holy Spirit, transform me with and through Our Blessed Mother Mary into your apostle, for the glory of the Father, the Mother, The Son Jesus and you O Holy Spirit and for the salvation of the world. 


Prayer of Consecration

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