Breathe On to Me

I felt inspired to write this small prayer after reading various sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church via

In section two, chapter three, “I believe in the Holy Spirit.” The catechism calls the Holy Spirit the Paraclete. 

In my humble ignorance of the Holy Spirit, I had to look up the word Paraclete. It turns out that it literally means “the Holy Spirit as advocate or counselor” or as the Catechism says: “he who is called to one’s side.” Sort of like your wingMan or best friend.

I hope you like this heartfelt prayer that poured out of me in a burst of writing as if it needed to be released onto the page.

Audio Book Sample, from Prayers to the Holy Spirit Book

Holy Spirit, I ask that you breathe on to me, so that, with the Father and the Son and with You, I can become immersed in the Blessed Trinity. 

Holy Spirit, enter into me as paraclete, advocate, counselor, and my Spirit of truth. Because without you I cannot comprehend the thoughts of God.

Holy Spirit, I ask that you speak through me as you have done with the profits that I may become your feet on the ground, your hands of intervention and your voice for my church. 

Holy Spirit, help me understand that the Breath of the Holy Spirit is at the origin of being and the life of all creatures.

O Spirit of God, O Spirit of truth, O Paraclete and Intercessor, come into my soul and prepare me for the time when I can join You in heaven. 


Breathe On to Me

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