Easy to Read, Daily Prayers, for Catholics

Mustard Seed to Large Tree

Moms Favorite Prayer

The following is one of my mom’s favorite prayers. “The Ma” as she is known to her six children and “Nana” to her 22 grand

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Beloved of my soul

Cardinal Mercier’s Prayer To The Holy Spirit Désiré-Félicien-François-Joseph Mercier (1851-1926) was a cardinal, a Thomist scholar (of Thomas Aquinas) and the Archbishop of Mechelen in Brussels.

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Come Holy Spirit

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is like a conduit to God. When we ask the Holy Spirit to “Come In” we are asking

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Chaplet to the Holy Spirit

Prayer for Special Graces

Most Catholics know that a novena is a private and/or public prayer to obtain special graces. Sometimes used to ask for special favors, and/or to

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Breathe On to Me

I felt inspired to write this small prayer after reading various sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church via Vitican.va.  In section two, chapter

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The Hymn of Mael-ísu

There was a time when Christianity was facing extinction through war, territorial disputes, and loss of faith. During that time, small pockets of the faithful

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Prayer of Consecration

These prayers are believed to be written by Father Felix de Jesus Rougier a Catholic priest and founder of several institutes of consecrated life. Who was declared venerable by

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About the Book, Prayers to the Holy Spirit

" Very nicely written 52 different prayers with a personal reflection on why the prayer is important to the author. Many prayers for different times of what life throws at you. An easy read but something to take your time with and spend time thinking and praying with. Thoughtful illustrations as well. ."

Prayers To The Holy Spirit

52 inspirational prayers to the Holy Spirit, some ancient others never before in print. Written to help you find the gifts that have already been given. Take it with you to church or listen to it in the car. 

We humans are under attack everyday. From fatigue, depression, financial struggles and marital problems just to name a few. Pharmaceutical companies want you to turn to them for the cure. Alcohol companies want you to find freedom with their new sugary booze. Social media and app companies what you to subscribe to their new program or method of escape.

But in my heart I believe you just have to look inside and find the Holy Spirit. Your answers are there.

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